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Headpiece Repair

Assiniboine Dental Group is happy to be working with the team at Central Dental for handpiece repair.  They approached us about an opportunity to save time on repairs – at the time our handpiece repairs were taking 2-3 weeks.  Our handpieces are now only taking 2-3 days and we are paying less than we were with our previous service provider, a definite win/win for our group.  We would recommend Central Dental to anyone!

Justin Richter
General Manager / Assiniboine Dental Group

Cor-Dent Dental

Central Dental is my first choice when it comes to the dental supplies for our busy practice. I have a great relationship with this locally, family-owned business and their great customer service and caring, positive attitude are what matters most to me

Dr. Sundeep Patel
Cor-Dent Dental

Care Dental

Hello, I am Dr. David Goerz from Care Dental in Morden, MB. I have been in practice since 1992. Until we found the Virta Lite nitrile gloves we always had to stock multiple gloves to suit the needs of our team. Our team has grown to 5 Dentists, 5 Hygienists, and 7 assistants and we are only using Virta Lite in the entire office. This is a simple choice- get great quality, save money and support a Canadian family owned business!

Dr. David Goerz
Care Dental


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